To apply a 'Full Case' discount, and to help reduce packaging, you can order in multiples of 12.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What days do you distribute: 

Our Online Store only operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whilst you are able to submit orders 24/7 we currently only have team working on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. This means all orders will be picked, packed and ready for collection on these days. We will also get reply to your emails on these days too. If  you have any urgent issues please call the Taproom on 020 7231 4516

What are the cut off times for orders: 

For a Monday dispatch please have your orders in by 10:00 Monday 

For a Wednesday dispatch please have your orders in by 10:00 Wednesday 

For a Friday dispatch please have your orders in by 10:00 Friday 

Do you deliver on Bank Holidays: 

We currently deliver through a third-party who do not operate on Bank Holidays. We will always try to post on our Social Media to remind people that deliveries will be disrupted. When a Bank Holiday falls on a Monday, we will change our distribution days to Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. 

Can I collect: 

Yes you can! Simply choose the click and collect option and come on down to the taproom. Give your name and order number to the team and they will find your order. 

This option is available at the times / days listed below: 

Monday: 09:00 - 17:00 
Wednesday: 09:00 - 22:00 
Thursday: 15:00 - 22:00 
Friday 09:00 - 22:00 
Saturday: 09:00 - 21:00 
Sunday: 12:00 -20:00 

Do you deliver to Northern Ireland: 

Yes, we do! However, our courier charges us a premium for this service. Whilst we do try to cap how much that transfers to you, our customers, we do have to charge more than our standard delivery. We currently charge £16 for delivery to Northern Ireland. 

Do you deliver to the Scottish Highlands or Scottish Isles: 

Yes, we do! However, our courier charges us a premium for this service. Whilst we do try to cap how much that transfers to you, our customers, we do have to charge more than our standard delivery. We currently charge £16 for delivery to Northern Ireland. 

Help, I’ve made a mistake on my order / I want to add more to my order:

Not to worry, simply email us at and let us know your name, order number and the issue and we will help resolve it for you. Our orders are usually collected around 14:00 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday if your order has already been dispatched we will liaise with InXpress to help resolve the issue. 

Help, some of my order has broken in transit!: 

We are very sorry that this has happened! Whilst we go through great effort to avoid this from happening, unfortunately it still does. Please send us an image of the broken bottle(s) and what it was to  and we will organise a refund for you. Please allow 3-5 days for this to go through. 

I want to have your beer at my wedding, party or celebration. Is this possible?:

That is absolutely possible! We have catered for events ranging from a few friends at home to large weddings. 

You can either simply submit an order and write any notes you think we need to know on your order. Or you can email us at and talk to us about your event. We are able to offer cases and KeyKegs for collection or delivery. We currently do not offer a dispense system though. 

I would love to stock The Kernel beers in my pub / restaurant / bottle shop. Who do I contact?: 

Well that’s amazing, my colleague James will be thrilled to hear from you. His best point of contact is , whilst he usually works Monday - Thursday he is often out on the road so please give him time to get back to you. 

I can’t see a particular style of beer in your store, is there some hiding in the back I can buy?:

In all honesty, probably not. Whilst we do occasionally hold back beers, these are for events earmarked for the future so are unavailable at this time. 

However, our inventory counter does sometimes run lower than our actual stock, so if it’s something you’ve seen recently you can always give it a chance. Send an email to and we will let you know. 

Do you sell kegs, if so which ones?:

We do sell kegs, we are able to sell our beer in KeyKegs. These kegs are single use and recyclable after they have been finished. 

Stocks are usually quite low on our KeyKeg beers so we do not list them online, but please email us at and we will let you know our availability. 

We currently do not sell or lend out dispense systems. 

I received an email that my order has been dispatched, where is it?:

We are sorry that you have not received your beer yet! There should be tracking information attached to the dispatch email that you should be able to use to track your order. If you are still struggling, please email us on with your name and order number and we will have a look for you. 

Is there any price difference between the online store and the taproom bottles?:

Not at all. We have kept our prices the same across the taproom and online including the 10% discount on orders of 12 or more bottles. 

The curated boxes are not available at the taproom.

I want to build my own box. Is that possible?:

Absolutely! Simply click through the bottle options and add whatever takes your fancy. Orders consisting of 12 or more bottles qualify for 10% discount. 

I want to send a note along with my box, is that possible?:

Yes you can, simply use the note section and we will write it out on our postcards and pop it in the box for you. 

Do you have gift cards?:

Yes we do. We offer gift cards ranging from £10 - £100. They are digital and will be sent to your chosen email address, they are currently for online shop use only. 

Do you do merch?:

We currently only offer the following in terms of merch: 

Tote Bags - We have two designs, both are made from sustainable material and are £4 each

Postcards - We have a few designs available and are usually only available at the Taproom, however if you include a note on your order we will be more than happy to throw a few in with your order. These are free of charge. 

Do you do stickers?: 

In the traditional sense, no. But we are more than happy to send out the beer bottle labels that we also send out to our wholesale customers. Just write a note on your order and we will add a few to your order, free of charge. 

I love The Kernel, any chance I could get in on a brew day?: 

This is not something we offer, and will probably not be offering in the future. 

Can I have a brewery tour: 

We do not offer brewery tours officially, however, if you come down on a quiet day one of the Taproom team may be able to give you a quick tour. This is alway at their discretion and never guaranteed. 

Do you have any recommendations: 

Always. Shoot us an email about what you’re after and we will do our best to find you the perfect selection of beers. 

I really love this particular hop, are you going to be using it in a brew soon?: 

The answer to this unfortunately is unknown. Our brewers rotate and will use the hops that are available, haven’t been used in a while, or complement the style they are using. 

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