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Bière De Saison - (Fruited)  5% - 20L KeyKeg

Bière De Saison - (Fruited) 5% - 20L KeyKeg

The Kernel Brewery
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A 20 liter key keg of our Bière De Saison

Our Bière de Saison is fermented with our house mixed culture of yeast, wild yeast and bacteria, we then age our saisons in old wine barrels / puncheons / foudres for 8-9 months. 

We will then either dry hop the saison or use the beer as a base for refermentation with seasonal fruit.  

Expect a dry, effervescent and tart beer alongside notes of our chosen additions.

There are often multiple varieties available. To inquire about and request different varieties please email or give us a call.

You'll need to arrange your own dispense system.