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Bière De Saison - (Fruited)  5% - 20L KeyKeg

Bière De Saison - (Fruited) 5% - 20L KeyKeg

The Kernel Brewery
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A 20 liter key keg of our Bière De Saison

Malt – Maris Otter, wheat malt, oats
Yeast – house mixed culture 

Our mixed culture fermentation saison contains two or three strains of commercial saison yeast, along with various wild and commercial yeast and bacteria: we’ve isolated brettanomyces strains from our barrels; we have grown up wild yeast collected from local fruit; we have blended in dregs from bottles of mixed fermentation beers that we have enjoyed; and we have added commercially available brettanomyces strains, 3 lactobacillus strains, and some pediococcus. Once the saison yeast’s initial fermentation has run its course, the beer undergoes a long secondary fermentation/conditioning phase as the wild yeast and bacteria start to make their impression. 

The initial result is fresh, tart, lively and sometimes citric. It has a dry finish, a spritz of carbonation, the distinctive spiciness of the saison yeast, and a touch of lemon, grass and herbs, with a cleansing and slightly sour tang. As the beer ages, the brettanomyces adds more spices, fruits, a touch of horse and leather. 

Some of this Biere de Saison becomes the base beer that we either blend and ferment or age in oak barrels or foeder. The beer can be dry-hopped or re-fermented with whole fruit, such as damsons, quince or apricots.

Expect a dry, effervescent and tart beer alongside notes of our chosen additions.

There are often multiple varieties available. To inquire about and request different varieties please email or give us a call.

You'll need to arrange your own dispense system.