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Table Beer  330ml

Table Beer 330ml

The Kernel Brewery
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A single 330ml bottle of our Table Beer.

Malt: Maris Otter, oats.

Hops: vary from batch to batch

Yeast: American ale yeast 

A light pale ale (around 3% abv.) made with malted barley and rolled oats. Our first batch was brewed in 2012 as an attempt to create a low-alcohol beer that did not suffer from being thin-bodied or lacking in character, and was inspired by the cask tradition rather than that of American pales

The full body is achieved using an elevated mash temperature and oats in the grist, alongside a slightly lower carbonation. Like our pale ales, hop aromas are the focus, with bitterness in balance. 

We aim for a pale golden colour, real body, sweet malt flavours, a fresh hop character and a clean, refreshing bitterness alongside an intense flavour that belies its low abv

As with all hoppy beers, we recommend that you drink our Table Beer Fresh. 

Please email for any further information or hop variation queries.